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Change Happens when You Leap into the Unknown

I have a friend who suffers from extremely painful episodes of intestinal problems. She has had numerous colonoscopies and gastroscopies, but the results are always clean. And yet, during one of her bouts, she couldn’t eat for weeks due to pain. It’s painful for me to idly watch her suffer, knowing there is nothing I [...]

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Gut Health 101

For the most part, I use this space to write about the relationship between our organs and our emotions. But lately, I’ve received a lot of inquiries about intestinal health. So today, I’m going to deviate from my usual topic a bit and share my best, basic advice to help you manage your gut and [...]

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Why I do what I do

When you were a child, dreaming of your future self, who did you imagine you’d become? When I was 10, I had no clue who I wanted to become or how to purse an interest that would fuel my desires. One day, my friend declared she wanted to be an actress. 
“Me, too,” I said [...]

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General Guidelines to Help You Start the Healing Process

When people sign up on my email list, I ask if they have pressing problems in their lives they want to heal. What I should have expected in response to my inquiry, (but didn't), is endless streams of medical histories and stories of their searches for THE cure landing in my inbox. What I want [...]

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Forgiveness is the Start of Healing Family

For as long as my patient Claire can remember, she and her mother were locked in a perpetual fight. The truth is, almost every patient I work with has trouble in her families. Having imperfect relationships with family members is normal. It becomes a problem is when the grudges you hold and the pain you [...]

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